ARROW SEASON 5-The Real Daughter of the demon

SPOILER ALERT!!…This post contains certain spoilers for the the Latest arrow episodes so if you are not caught up with latest episodes of season 5,I would recommend you to just turn back and not read further because of the heavy spoilers

If you are already caught up or don’t care much for spoilers then please read on

Please Note that the following stories are not the stories of the actual episode.

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This post is a continuation to the previous post

Enter Talia-al-ghul

With Prometheus completely off the team arrow’s radar,Oliver starts to get anxious and fears of something big trouble brewing.Oliver in sheer desperation now launches a city wide manhunt for Prometheus for days with the help of his team.Oliver also hopes to find and stop “The vigilante” during this same manhunt.This goes on for a long time and finally rag-man comes across some Intel,He finds out that Prometheus has been busy planning  to kill a lady and son who will be soon arriving in star city.Meanwhile the green arrow runs into certain street criminal trying to loot some cargo.He stakes them out waiting for a perfect moment to strike but some one else beats him to it.A man with two batons and a black and blue costume knocks the criminals out.The green arrow believes it to be the new and improved vigilante who had mended his ways as detective Jonathan had led them to believe.Oliver tries to apprehend him but he escapes into thin air even before Oliver could make his presence known.

The team meet back at the bunker where Oliver is informed about the assassination Prometheus is planning.Rag-man shows a photo that he recovered,Its the photos of the targets Prometheus plans to kill.Oliver sees the first photo of a 10-11 year old boy whom he doesn’t recognize then he sees the second picture of the mother of that boy.A certain panic breaks out on Oliver’s  face.In his grim tone he states “We have to save them”,and just leaves abruptly.

The team observe Oliver’s odd behavior and start to theorize who that lady is and what could her relation to Oliver be.Rene states the possibility that the lady could be one of Oliver’s old girlfriend he met and that child could be his.To which felicity replies “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true “.

Oliver after patrolling the city looking for “The vigilante”, but this time in the hopes of recruiting him returns back to the bunker.He formulates a plan to stop Prometheus in the airport where he plans to kill that woman and her child.During this Curtis raises a suspicion of why Prometheus was going after this woman and why was he going through so much trouble.Oliver says that if Curtis knew who she was he wouldn’t have this suspicion.Listening to this felicity gets angry and replies “Oh yeah!Why don’t you enlighten us”.

Oliver tells the team how all the stories that he had heard about Ra’s al ghul was from her. Felicity confused by Oliver’s answer asks  “Why would he go after a League of assassins spy ” .Oliver says “She is not a spy.Her full name is Talia al ghul .She is the Daughter of the demon”.Felicity shocked with the answer Oliver gave says “I did not know that Nyssa had a sister”.Oliver enlists the help of Thea for this particular mission

The team go to the airport and find that Prometheus is not alone on this one,Even he has assembled a team.Oliver puts Thea in charge of the team and ask them to take out the others while he tracks Prometheus into the hangar where Talia’s plane had just landed.Oliver and Prometheus have a show down but Oliver isn’t able to take him down.In the midst of the fight Prometheus is hit by a bird shaped throwing star which inflicts a deep wound on his hand.He turns back to see the Talia and her son up in arms to fight Prometheus as well.Seeing that he is outnumbered Prometheus makes an escape

To be continued…



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