The Last Few Episodes of Arrow Season 5

SPOILER ALERT!!…This post contains certain spoilers for the the Latest arrow episodes so if you are not caught up with latest episodes of season 5,I would recommend you to just turn back and not read further because of the heavy spoilers

If you are already caught up or don’t care much for spoilers then please read on

Please Note that the following stories are not the stories of the actual episode.Also the given content is supposed to be stretched out to 2-3 episode as they are just mini arcs that could fit really well into the original story

Oliver Queen you are not alone!

So after the mid season finales events,we see that the green arrow was tricked into killing an S.C.P.D. police officer,And that officers is none other than detective Malone,Felicity’s new boyfriend.After going through such a trauma of losing her boy friend felicity becomes quite adamant at finding and ending terror reign of Prometheus.So apart from helping team arrow she is also conducting her side missions of sort trying to take down Prometheus.So she snoops around S.C.P.D. to find out whatever they have on the throwing star killer in hopes to make a break through.

But soon felicity is caught red handed by an new S.C.P.D. officer who has been specially recruited for the same case and is an replacement for the the late detective Malone.Felicity tries to talk her way out of this situation but realizes that her talkative charm is almost ineffective on this new officer.Then felicity comes clean about her intentions to this new police officer in hopes of getting some help but the officer disagrees and ask felicity to leave and stop snooping around the police station.

Later when felicity reaches home she finds a package with some police files and a letter.This letter states how this new officer is ready to help felicity and how he has sent over some files that could give her a kick start in her mission.Felicity observes that the letter is signed as Jonathan.Felicity starts her separate search for Prometheus and begins to work closely with this Detective but without telling the team.Felicity actually finds this him to be very helpful and starts trusting him more and more.

With Oliver’s complete attention diverted towards finding Prometheus,the Green arrow looks to be remain absent from the streets,this encourages the common criminals of starling city to conduct their criminal operations once again freely.These criminals are stopped by a certain vigilante.This catches Oliver’s attention and he asks felicity to try to find out something about the altercation between the the vigilante and the criminals.Unable to find any clues felicity turns towards the Detective Jonathan for help once again.He informs her how the S.C.P.D concluded that it was “The vigilante” who had thwarted these criminals and now believe that “The vigilante” has changed M.O. and had decided to give up on killing and also informs that the S.C.P.D. are quite glad that they now have another guy to do their dirty work.

Oliver still believes that “The Vigilante” must be stopped but the team persuade him to drop this matter at this moment as all of them believe catching Prometheus is of higher priority.Detective Jonathan and felicity now working in close proximity now are quite comfortable with each other.Detective Jonathan though gets suspicious on how felicity gets the info that even S.C.P.D. couldn’t which leads to an sort of interrogation of felicty by him.Felicity under the pressure reveals that she works with the green arrow but refuses to reveal his identity.Detective Jonathan feels a bit betrayed but then quickly warms up to the idea.He even says how he believe that vigilantes are the only people holding the most crime ridden cities together.When felicity leaves Detective Jonathan is shown to call someone and inform him how they were right about felicity working with the arrow.




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